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[AN: This is the thirteenth in the Fox Tale series.  Please read them in order.]
[Creative property of Lady Quindecim]

Part Thirteen: In a Box, With a Fox

     I waited in the languages hall before class, guiltily hoping to see Fox first thing of the day.  I had no idea what I would say or anything like that.  Probably something really lame like, "Hi," but as time marched on an Frau Ohtomo's barking presence loomed closer and closer in my mind, I feared lame conversation with the girl was not going to be an issue.
     She rounded the corner and our eyes met.  Either time stood still, or we both just froze.  I finally broke the deadlock and dashed into my class.  The next hour it was her turn.  The hall was crowded and bustling and we spotted each other no more than ten feet away.  She started to take a step towards me, then was bumped into from behind.  Spell broken, she turned and merged with the cross flow of people.

* * *

     Mr. Sherman was absent and we had a tiny little Hispanic version of Frau Ohtomo filling in.
     "Are you Chole?" she asked when I got to my seat.
     "Yes, ma'am."
     "I'm sorry."
     "Well, sometimes I am too." I wondered briefly if she was saying something about the incident of the morning before.  The sub had gone on about her business and I briefly put my hand to the cut on my brow.  Cody shook me from my thought when he greeted me and asked how I was.  I let him know I was fine and that I hoped he was as well.

* * *

     I turned in the hall, trying to work my way to chemistry, took a couple more steps then turned around again.  There Fox was, looking at me, only about five or six feet away.  I started to take a step to close the distance, to talk to her, to say something, and my foot hit something, unbalancing me and I stumbled a step.  When I looked up once more, she was gone.

* * *

     Maths class was more irritating than it had been thus far.  I raised my hand to ask a question, and Mrs. Fibonacci just looked passed me as if I was not there.  I was starting to suspect that there was some sort of sci-fi type temporal vortex that made me invisible when in the room when I heard a voice close behind me.  It was one of the baritone players, I remembered before I could worry about it.
     "I'll give you a hint - Mrs. Fibonacci kept her maiden name, rather than changing it to Sherman."
     I nodded, worrying what she may have said to the class, or possibly what this could mean to my grade, but happy all the same that I was not imagining being overlooked.  I was quick to leave when the bell sounded.

* * *

     I really wanted to go to the bakery again, but not for a muffin.  I had not been eating the best for a few days with travel and unpacking and generally not knowing my way around.  I was scanning the options across the street from my vantage point atop the steps to the school when someone on my right put an arm around me.  Startled, I jumped to me left, colliding aggressively with someone and in no time, I was sprawled on my back, arms and legs akimbo, on top of James.  Mags was trying really hard not to laugh as she said she thought I knew she had walked up beside me.  So tremendous was her effort that I could not keep from laughing myself.  James, however, was not so convinced that laughing was the appropriate response to his abrased palm, but relented to a chuckle.
     Mags helped me to stand, then pulled James to is feet.
     I had salad at the pizza place.
     James bought, but I put a five in his jacket when he was at the buffet line.
     I did not see Fox.

* * *

     Band practice was routine.  Less of a struggle with everything, but then, I really had been practicing.  Cody waved from across the room, then left with his friends.

* * *

     I realized I was sort of moping about on my way to history and figured after the fact that it was because, odd and lame as it was, I had not seen and been harassed by Fox at lunch.  I rounded the corner, trying to psyche myself up for history and there she was.  My heart leaped and sank when I saw the short little, too thin Fox right in front of me.  She looked nervous and I wondered how I looked to her.  She started to reach out a hand, testing, then pulled it back a little, cautiously.  We were an easy arm's length apart.  Then she reached forward, grabbing towards the front of my shirt.
     In that instant, that briefest of moments, I imagined her clutching my shirt in her fist and pulling me down to kiss her.  That sharp, bright moment of fantasy was harshly truncated as she pulled her hand away with a small leaf of romaine, turned, and dashed off.

* * *

     I was completely distracted through history class, torn emotionally between savouring that warm, lush feeling deep in my core and shame with myself for harboring the fantasy with such longing.  The girl was not even my type; rake thin, flat chest, no hips, fine chiseled features, pixie like face with cute little pointy nose and bright, sparkling eyes.... well.... no.  Absolutely not my type, right?  Nonetheless, if I kept it up, I was only going to end up hurt for coveting something I could never enjoy.

* * *

     Again, I practiced in the practice room, but it was mechanical and heartless.  Despite my resolve against it, I finally relented to playing one of my old songs.  It succeeded in helping my distraction, but I knew - I felt it still lacked heart.
     The door opened, but I just kept playing while Fox slipped inside and shut the door behind herself.  I spared a glance at her, accepting that she was closed in here with me and my drums, squishing herself into the corner and wrapping her arms around her body.  She had quit trying to wipe the tears away.  I played on.
     At the end of the piece, I looked at Fox square in the eye.  She was smiling, and started to laugh silently, just a little.
     "Funny how we keep running into each other," she said, letting me in on her little joke.
     I didn't say anything.  There were a million and a half things that I needed to say and needed to ask.  I did not know where to begin.  I stood there, sweating, breathing heavy, blankly not saying anything.
     Slowly, she gave me a wicked, crooked, grin, cocking her head down to twinkle at me through her bangs with an alluring devilishness.  Then she sighed and relaxed into an adorable, happy smile.  "Thanks, Little Drummer Girl."
     Me? Little? But then I asked, "What for?"
     She shook her head and slipped out the door.

[You have been reading the thirteenth installment of the Fox Tale Series by Lady Quindecim.]
[If you received this text from a source other that DeviantArt, please let the author know via e-mail to]
[I hope you have enjoyed this installment]
Chole, with building infatuation, keeps looking for Fox, curious and enigmatic throughout the day. But when they do meet, it does not help.

If this is the first one you are reading, by all means please stop and read the first one [link] first, then proceed in order, if you would be so kind.

And if you like it/them, let me know. If you do not, I would still like to know. If you are completely indifferent and do not feel it is worth your time to comment, that's okay, you can let me know that as well.

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As always, feedback welcome.
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Macadamiannutjob Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Ah, nice bit of information in math, love your little twists lol.
This is brilliant, the looks, the longing, the infatuation, and even that brief connection that made her get those feelings. I know it all too well and makes me connect with Chole so easily. Each chapter making her more and more relatable when it comes to her and Fox.
The ending is great, how can I not read on with that ending!? Lol
LadyQuindecim Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Yeah, that was a fun one because it just kinda touched on things during the day without really, in my opinion, needing the full on detail.

And yeah, there, at the end... one of my favourite moments in the series. You can stop there. No need to read more. It does not get any better. That's it. You are done.
Macadamiannutjob Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
What? Noo I can't stop reading now lol
LadyQuindecim Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Okay, you can read more if you really want to. But don't say I didn't warn you. =^_^=
ScarletRider Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012   General Artist
Interesting little twist in Maths there. Not as fascinating as Chole and Fox's interaction. Sometimes more can be said with a glance, or a gesture. Plus, this entry makes me think of one of my favorite words that I have no idea how to pronounce: Mamihlapinatapai. Which, according to Wikipedia, is from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego meaning "a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to suggest or offer themselves."
Looking forward to your next one. :)
LadyQuindecim Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
They have a word for it? Terrific! (all we have is "awkward"? Ha!

Well, oblique as it may be, Chole and Fox's interactions are what really drive this thing - it really is about Fox through Chole's eyes... it is just so early. #23&24... they get some time together.
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